Daily Choices is a blog dedicated to helping others reach their goals. The site was founded and is managed by Jae Nadon.

Jae’s latest goal is to inspire others to make their desires obtainable by using lessons learned on his journey to lose over 200 pounds.

A technologist by day, Jae has many passions and enjoys multiple creative pursuits. Below are a couple of Jae’s other projects, publications and work.

50 Moments in August” – Photo Book inspired by an active lifestyle and connection with nature.

50 Moments Creative Challenge” – a challenge to others to connect with nature, be inspired and create something that can be shared within your community.

Website Hosting and Migration with Amazon Web Services” – a technical book for migrating static, CMS based and Enterprise websites to the AWS platform.

Heritage.Exposed – How Heritage Happens” – a creative, research project investigating the connection between Heritage, Culture and Community.

thinkNadonMedia” – the flagship brand for Jae’s personal pursuits.