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Daily Choices is a blog dedicated to helping others reach their goals.

The main purpose of this site is to inspire and connect with others who may be on a journey of their own to obtain a goal. The goal may be related to health, finances, relationships, career or anything that you can wish to desire.

I plan on sharing information and challenges that I’ve overcome (and some I’m still dealing with on a daily basis) using lessons learned on my journey to lose over 200 pounds and subsequently dealings with anxiety and depression.

A technologist by day,  I have many passions including songwriting, photography, heritage and the tie to community, research and life-long learning. Below are a couple of my past projects, publications and work.

50 Moments in August” – Photo Book inspired by an active lifestyle and connection with nature.

50 Moments Creative Challenge” – a challenge to others to connect with nature, be inspired and create something that can be shared within your community.

Website Hosting and Migration with Amazon Web Services” – a technical book for migrating static, CMS based and Enterprise websites to the AWS platform.

Heritage.Exposed – How Heritage Happens” – a creative, research project investigating the connection between Heritage, Culture and Community.

Disclaimer: There are spots / links on this site that link to programs, products and services of which I may have an affiliate account. There may be times where I’ve been asked to give my personal opinion on a product or service. Any earnings from this site will cover the cost of hosting and my time to create the content.